The End of Code

Now you can build user-friendly Web applications by managing data instead of writing code.

Data integration and unified software systems, as well as visibility in search engine results, are increasingly important for organizations in order to stay relevant and ahead of competition.
Linked Data technology provides a standard solution for this complex Web of data.
We have developed Graphity, the leading Linked Data platform.

Unified data layer

As organizations grow, so does the number of data sources and systems they use. Over time, they turn into data silos, and their integration becomes a challenge with substantial development costs.

Compared to legacy technologies, Linked Data has the advantage of easy connection between different databases and data formats. For the first time, organizations can see the big picture of their data, ask new questions and build data-driven applications.

Choosing the right direction early can be crucial for long-term cost efficiency.

Data silos

We're entering a new world in which data may be more important than software.

Tim O'Reilly (founder of O'Reilly Media)

Rapid data-driven development

Our novel declarative Web application architecture gives us the advantage of time. We can implement Linked Data solutions faster and easier by reducing application functionality into simple data operations.

New to Linked Data? Learn here

Having seen Graphity in action on a number of projects now, it’s a fantastic way to build publishing applications entirely declaratively. Graphity is without question one of the most promising Linked Data platforms today.

Arto Bendiken (Co-founder of Dydra, the cloud RDF triplestore)

Used by

  • Beijer Ref
  • HeltNormalt
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • Statsbiblioteket

User experience

Tired of Linked Data applications with messy user interfaces and bland designs? It does not have to be that way. With Graphity, you can lend a custom shape to your data on any webpage, rendered with any layout you want. And there is more, directly out of the box:

  • mobile-ready fluid layout
  • support for multilingual data
  • predefined layout templates
  • Linked Data browser mode
Interactive maps
Editing mode

Data input

Do you know a Web-based tool that hides the technical complexities and makes Linked Data editing simple and easy? Graphity's interactive editing mode enables complex content creation and stores the data natively as RDF. Now you can use it, too — without even knowing what RDF is.

  • free-form data editing
  • pre-configured entity templates
  • autocomplete to create precise relations
  • embedded XHTML editor
  • validation ensures data quality
Access control


It is hard to imagine a modern Web application platform without a security layer. Graphity provides a bullet-proof security for Linked Data applications. Data owners can control read/write access rights using an administrative interface, while end-users are only shown the resources they have access to.

  • fine-grained access control for specific user groups
  • multitenant architecture supports simultaneous users
  • provenance tracks who changed data and when